Hep.gg V3

Welcome to Hep.gg V3! If you find any bugs, please report them in the #hep-gg-users channel!
V3 of Hep.gg is over 25,000 lines of code added, and has been a labour of love of new features and growing! We hope you enjoy a lot of the new features, and we trust that you can report bugs to us in due time if you find any! We'll happily reward those who help us out, but please don't abuse any bugs that you may find, or you may be suspended from the service.

Updated Hep.gg Terms of Service

By using Hep.gg and agreeing at the bottom of the page, you agree to all of the following terms of service

1. Any content you upload to Hep.gg, must either be exclusively your content, or content that you have permission to upload. If Hep.gg administration receives a copyright notice for any content on your account and it's deemed legitimate, the content may be removed. Repeat offenses will lead to suspension.

2. Uploading files or file types that are not supported by your account (doing anything to get past these filters is included in this clause) can lead to immediate account suspension and deletion.

3. While your uploads are your uploads, and we typically don't care about the content that is uploaded, if you upload any items that are hateful or extremely offensive in nature, or genuinely give a bad reputation to Hep.gg as a service, lines need to be drawn. Dark humour etc is okay, but if your content is genuinely promoting hate of another group, the content may be deleted, and depending on the severity, your account actioned.

4. Abusing the service in any way, shape, or form, on purpose or by accident will lead to suspension of your account. We leave the service pretty open to allow for flexibility and plenty of possibilities for our wonderful users. If you abuse the goodness that we offer, we will disable those features for your account, and if bad enough, publicly shame you when this feature is disabled for the rest of the users on the service.

5. Overall, don't be a jackass and you should be fine, we don't have too many rules.