Hep.gg V3

Welcome to Hep.gg V3! If you find any bugs, please report them in the #hep-gg-users channel!
V3 of Hep.gg is over 25,000 lines of code added, and has been a labour of love of new features and growing! We hope you enjoy a lot of the new features, and we trust that you can report bugs to us in due time if you find any! We'll happily reward those who help us out, but please don't abuse any bugs that you may find, or you may be suspended from the service.

About Hep.gg

Hep.gg started as a semi-public image (and very rarely, a file) host for people that want to either use their own domain, but don't want to host their own file server, or for people that want a file host with larger file sizes limits, cool custom domains that we provide, faster servers, awesome features, and of course, an awesome community.
On top of that, both then and now, we also have actual idea of what privacy is, unlike some current file hosts and cloud providers!
If you would like more information, you're welcome to join our Discord Server in the top right, or just by signing in (it will auto invite you!) and by asking us questions there!

Nowadays, Hep.gg has become a privacy oriented cloud for quick things like screenshots, memes, a CDN for those who need it and can't afford one, pastebin, community, and password manager with no premium gimmicks like other password managers and more, expanding every day! Hep.gg as an image host has evolved from an invite only service with only 2 people able to generate invites to allowing many many, more users to invite their friends.