Hi There, and Welcome To Hep.gg!

Hep.gg is a semi-public image (and sometimes file) host for people that want to either use their own domain, but don't want to host their own file server, or for people that want a file host with larger file sizes limits, cool custom domains that we provide, faster servers, awesome features, and of course, an awesome community.
On top of that, we also have actual idea of what privacy is, unlike some current file hosts!
If you would like more information, you're welcome to join our Discord Server in the top right, or just by signing in (it will auto invite you!) and by asking us questions there!

If you see this page and you are not able to access the dashboard page after signing in with Discord, you do not have access to Hep.gg fully just yet, or are not fully whitelisted. You're welcome to read into our service and see how to get access for yourself by joining our support Discord. Or if you're already going through the invite process, take a look into your Discord DM's, for a message from our Discord bot.

However, if you're already good friends with a current user of Hep.gg, you can ask them to vouch for you! If they agree, you are welcome to
go ahead and fill out this form! We will contact the vouch and see if you're a good fit for the service, and get you setup if the stars align!
Thanks for your interest, we look forward to having you!
- JakeyPrime#0001

A Team Hydra Project - Copyright 2020