Hep.gg V3

Welcome to Hep.gg V3! If you find any bugs, please report them in the #hep-gg-users channel!
V3 of Hep.gg is over 25,000 lines of code added, and has been a labour of love of new features and growing! We hope you enjoy a lot of the new features, and we trust that you can report bugs to us in due time if you find any! We'll happily reward those who help us out, but please don't abuse any bugs that you may find, or you may be suspended from the service.

Welcome To Hep.gg

About Hep.gg:

Hep.gg started off as a semi public place to host your ShareX images, but has evolved over the past couple years into much more than that.
While still being a place for mostly screenshots and art, it's transformed into a network to maintain your online presence, and express yourself creatively. We now host several cloud solutions to store and save your content, as linked above, under "Hep.gg Network".

You can learn more about Hep.gg and its roots by clicking below!

More About Hep.gg


Hep.gg is home to a massive amount of content:

748.4 GB of diskspace used.
356,248 uploads.
4,690 users.
43,014,380 views of content.
844 shortened links.

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